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Gas Prices Trend Higher

Gas Prices Trend Higher
With our vehicle test schedule here at Frugal Driver, we are very aware of the fluctuating pattern of fuel prices. Fuel economy testing requires regular and sometimes daily fill-ups. This past week was telling. The price of regular unleaded shot up more than 30-cents in a matter of five days. Premium fuel is once again over $4 per g [...]

2013 KIA RIO — All-Season Econo...

2013 KIA RIO — All-Season Economy Champ
Frugal Driver’s initial review of the thrifty little Kia Rio (a 2012 model) was very favorable. We recently had time to put a 2013 Rio 5-Door through its paces and that initial attraction hasn’t faded. This time around, however, the temperatures were considerably colder and we had a chance to drive the Rio in true winter [...]

Volkswagen Promotes Frugal Smiles Per...

Volkswagen Promotes Frugal Smiles Per Gallon
  Being a frugal driver doesn’t mean driving can’t be fun. Volkswagen owners already know this and now they have another way to up the fun factor with the introduction of Smileage. Volkswagen of America and Google just announced their partnership on “Volkswagen Smileage,” a new social media application built using a suit [...]

Winter Driving Tip – Clear Whee...

Winter Driving Tip – Clear Wheelwells
Winter driving presents new fuel economy challenges. Colder temperatures generally reduce mpg by a significant amount and snow and ice can add gas mileage robbing conditions. In addition to the potential for wheel spin and added rolling resistance, snowy roads will allow a slushy mix to build up in the vehicles wheelwells. (more&he [...]

KIA Optima Hybrid from a Female Persp...

KIA Optima Hybrid from a Female Perspective
Guest post by Wendy Gregory For 30 years I’ve driven test vehicles and given my driving impressions in my role as copy editor and corporate officer in our family business, Kaho Media, Inc. As a college student, as I taught cooking and art classes in the community and then as a mom hauling Girls Scouts and groceries I put hundreds o [...]

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